Q, I am interested in purchasing a stand but is it hard to assemble?
Not at all. It takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes and comes with an Allen wrench that is for all screws. You will also need a adjustable wrench or pliers and a Philips screwdriver for the Show 5.

Q, Can I bring this stand on stage with me?
That is up to you. It is designed for the home and studio. There's a good chance it will get scratched up when moving it around in that situation. I would not suggest it.

Q, How heavy is the stand?
Actually it's quite light. about 12lbs.

Q, I'm worried about my nitrocellulose finish. Is it safe?
Yes, it is safe for all finishes.

Q, What makes your stand better then the others on the market for less money?
If you had or have one of these metal multi stand then you know the quality. They are not very stable and in my opinion not very attractive. Rock Solid Guitar Stands flow quite well in any decor in your home or studio. They are also very stable.

Q, What is your turn around time on shipping?
I ship Monday through Thursday. On those days I can usually ship the day of or the day after receipt of an order. Weekend orders will ship on Monday.

Q, How do you ship?
In the US I ship UPS. Overseas I will ship via the United States Post Office. I have found they are the most reasonably priced.

Q, What if I do not like the stand? Can I return it?
Yes, I will refund your payment, less the freight if you are not completely satisfied.

Q, If I damage a piece, do you have replacement parts?
Yes, just email me what you need and I will ship it to you, no problem.

Q, Will your stand hold a Flying V or an explorer?
I'm sorry but not at this time. It's hard to make a design that fits everything. Those 2 bodies are quite difficult.